E-Umrah Visa

155 Countries officially authorized by Saudi Ministry of Hajj to issue Umrah Visa online without any involvement of an external travel agent.

Click on the link, “E-Umrah Visa Eligible Countries”.

 If you residing in one of these countries on legal status you are eligible to process E-Umrah Visa subject to the full package including hotels and transfers.

 Follow these steps to complete E-Visa application form to issue your visa and services vouchers.

Follow Steps

Easiest way to get your Umrah Package

Need Help E-Visa

If you want us to process your whole application pls, email us: mih@afwaj.com.sa or WhatsApp 00966504336458 your passport copy, color passport size photo, email address and mobile number, and package details. We will issue your visa, confirm hotels and domestic transfers on your behalf and provide you the visa copy and vouchers through email.  Thank you for your trust in our services